Environmental Aspects for the Basic Conceptual Engineering of the Terminal (TPC) for the Storage and Shipping of oil


Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A.


Bolivar State. Venezuela



Technical Sheet


The environmental and socio-cultural impact study for the Punta Cuchillo Terminal includes two major interventions: the crude and diluent storage and shipment terminal, which will be located to the north of Bolívar state, specifically on the south bank of the Orinoco River, within the Matanzas industrial zone, at the point known as Punta Cuchillo, in Puerto Ordaz and, on the other hand, the transportation system that will connect the Punta Cuchillo facilities with the ICAMOR facilities located in Monagas state.

The purpose of the project was to identify the environmental aspects associated with the project that allow anticipating the possible impacts on the study area, and determine its area of influence in the surrounding areas in order to implement the preventive, corrective and mitigating measures necessary to establish a environmental management and supervision plan.

In addition to this, atmospheric emissions, effluent discharge, solid waste, noise, among others, were considered.