Strategic Environmental Assessment


Falcon State, Venezuela



Technical Sheet


The Strategic Environmental Assessment project led by Incostas arises from the initiative of the Ministerio del Poder Popular para el Turismo (MINTUR), to carry out the evaluation of the coastal front of the Chichiriviche State Falcón sector from the point of view of coastal, environmental and port engineering. This front maintains a length of about 7 km, divided into three (3) sectors, North, South and Central, with different geomorphological and environmental behaviors and also with different population and infrastructure occupations.

This project encompassed, preliminary strategic environmental assessment of the coastal front, strategic recommendations for environmental management, preliminary environmental feasibility report.

The fundamental objectives of the study were, to perform a diagnosis of coastal morphdynamics. To determine possible works to mitigate current erosion processes. Evaluate the proposals of the Ministry to improve or expand beaches for recreational use. Evaluate the effects that might have on coastal morphdynamics works such as marinas, creation of interior channels communicated with the sea, etc. Make a diagnosis of the port infrastructure. Identify and evaluate the potential conflicts and environmental impacts derived from engineering projects. Propose management guidelines to prevent conflicts and mitigate environmental impacts.