Jose Area, Anzoátegui State, Venezuela



Technical Sheet


Construction of: Heavy equipment unloading pier. Concrete platform, supported on a steel piling structure and provided with a defense system and mooring elements. Navigation aids system. Access roadway that connects the pier to the Jose Antonio Anzoategui Avenue.

The port of Guanta inaugurated approximately 120 years ago, has started an upgrade process of its port facilities, among which stands the construction of an overweight and/or extra-heavy loads, which will initially provide service to the Deep Conversión Project of the Puerto La Cruz Refinery.

Incostas participated in the construction of the pier for extra-heavy loads pier, the docking and undocking systems and the navigation aids system. INCOSTAS also has participated in the construction of the inner interconnection roadways of the new pier with the Jose Antonio Anzoategui Avenue, this road will be integrated to the container storage yard system.

The pier consists of a loading platform on a steel piling structure, equipped with a defense system and mooring elements, which is connected to the roadways by means of a transition plateau. The access to the roadway consists of an improvement of the sub-base, setting of a geotextile net, a coat of minced stone and a rigid concrete pavement, reinforced with steel fiber. Once the pier is constructed, it will firstly lend support to the Deep Conversion Project of the Puerto La Cruz Refinery and later to the neccessity of the region.