IMA, Construcción de la Terminal de Servicios Marítimos Auxiliares del Sector Pacífico con el Hincado de Pilotes

Construction of the Pacifico Sector Auxiliary Maritime Service Terminal with Hincado de Pilotes

With the event of hincado de pilotes, the new Auxiliary Maritime Services Terminal in the Pacifico Sector, the progress presented by this new port facility, located in the Amador area, becomes more tangible, under construction phase thanks to an initiative launched by the Panama Maritime Authority to meet the need for maritime access, to all companies that provide ancillary maritime services.

The event, in which the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Administrator of the Panama Authority, Jorge Barakat Pitty, gave the symbolic order to place the stilts, it represents an important impetus for a thriving sector of the Panamanian maritime industry, bringing together through companies that provide various types of services such as supplies, repairs, boat service and fuel, among others.

The construction of this port terminal of auxiliary marine services that will elevate Panama, not only to be the leaders in ships registering, but also the number one in auxiliary marine services. At present it presents an advance of 35 %, and its delivered one is projected for March 31, 2019.

The port facility, developed by the Inzelva Consorcio (Ingeniería de Consulta Incostas y Grupo Zelda), it is located in a strategic point on the banks of the Canal, occupying an approximate space of 1.5 hectares. Structurally, the project involves the design and construction of a fixed "T" dock, With a soul of 120 meters long by 5 meters wide, more a on width of 1.20 for use by pedestrians along the soul of the spring, which adds a platform of operation in the ground, with a maximum load capacity of 2 tonnes.

Additionally, the final part of the fixed pier will count with a slab of dimensions of 5 meters wide by 7.5 meters long, which will be used to refit the ramps that communicate the floating pontoons with the fixed pier. This work includes also, the installation of a marine crane with a maximum load capacity of 5 tons; as well as spaces for the installation of security equipment, offices, depots, cold rooms, cafeteria, public baths and other port facilities.

The new IMA pier, which will be managed by theAMP, will offer competitive fares to companies, with the aim of making the change of crew in Panamanian waters; an operation that is not carried out in Panama, in the absence of direct access to the sea for those companies that provide ancillary services, and because operating costs are currently too high.

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